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October 16, 2017 - Exclusive Offer to WTF Group Tenants

Dear Tenants,

WTF Group has teamed up with a local company, Indira Wellness, who are launching an invite-only program for WTF Group tenants.

Employee happiness and well-being are the keystones of a productive workplace; with the amount of time we spend at our workplaces, it makes sense to implement a company wellness program.  Motivating healthy behavior through “Mindfulness Nutrition and Movement”, Indira Wellness will create a customized program to suit your business’s unique needs and goals.

Indira (002)

January 10, 2017 - WTF Group Welcomes Breather to 147 Spadina Avenue!

If you’ve not yet heard of Breather then we strongly suggest you make some enquiries… right now.  Following a business model that has proven highly successful over the past few years (think Regus, IQ Office Suites or even Airbnb), Breather provides efficient and attractive short term office/meeting space to users in high density business areas throughout North America – and it’s gaining traction every day.  In an age where mobility reigns, Breather is the perfect temporary workspace solution for those who do not require a dedicated office plan.

Click HERE to see what’s available in your neighborhood. 


May 27, 2016 - Bringing New Meaning to the Acronym

We love our tenants! Working together can be hilariously rewarding.

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April 4, 2016 - Team Profile – Michelle Munroe

Michelle Munroe

Let’s put a face to the voice…

For two decades callers connecting to our voicemail service have been greeted by the dulcet tones of Michelle Munroe, affectionately referred to as “the voice of WTF Group.”

Michelle joined the company as receptionist in 1996 before graduating to Lease Administrator after 2 years. Her longevity in this role has allowed Michelle the opportunity to establish strong bonds with our tenants, many of whom she has watched grow from infancy in to thriving, successful businesses; WTF Group would not be the same without her.

Happy 20 year anniversary Michelle!


February 25, 2016 - Globe article – “Touring the Garment District designs of architect Benjamin Brown”

Further to our last post about renowned architect, Benjamin Brown – the Globe and Mail has published a interesting piece on the man behind such striking buildings as the Balfour Building and the Reading Building.

Click HERE fellow urban observers, and take a stroll through what was once Toronto’s booming Garment District.



February 10, 2016 - New Benjamin Brown Exhibit

Benjamin Brown (1890-1974), the visionary behind some of WTF Group’s most distinguished buildings, was one of the first practicing Jewish architects in Toronto.

Brown designed and built  The Reading Building (1925), The Fashion Building (1927) and the Balfour Building (1930) and went on to build over 200 projects across the city; many of them stunning examples of  Art Deco design.

From February 12th, 2016 to April 23rd, 2016,  Urbanspace Gallery (401 Richmond Street West) will be hosting the first ever exhibition featuring the works of this masterful and accomplished architect.

Click HERE for details.

Benjamin Brown Architect Balfour and Reading Bldgs