WTF Group Overview

The difference between WTF Group and our competitors is our hands on approach to leasing and managing our portfolio. We are more than a property management firm – we are building owners who take pride in our properties.


At WTF Group, tenant satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to be attentive and efficient in all our services. After three decades of renovating, leasing and managing properties in downtown Toronto, we are uniquely suited to serving the city’s evolving corporate culture.


We pride ourselves on providing Toronto’s business community with attractive, distinctive workspace. Combining elegant aesthetics with superb design, we custom build all our suites to each tenant’s specifications so that your work environment reflects your company’s image and style.

From lobby renovations to modernizing common areas; from upgrading mechanical systems to ensuring water and energy efficiency across all of our properties, WTF is constantly developing new building improvement programs to enhance our portfolio.


Meeting our tenant’s expectations is first and foremost. Our team of highly effective individuals is always accessible and you can rely on us to quickly and expertly respond to your needs. We hope you will measure our performance against this promise as it is our commitment to you, the tenant.